The double life

I have been thinking a lot about my life lately… Usually when I write, its a rant on a bad day… That’s why throughout this blog I have been trying to think of happy and cheery things too! But this post might be closer to the dark side!

One thing that has hit me is the adjustment women make when they shift overseas for their spouse…. Its a huge transition to move to a new country, give up their support system, and due to visa requirements not be able to work… One irony that stood out was ” You get married because you don’t want to be alone, but you move overseas and you lose your support system, you end up being more alone”. I spoke to people who are in the same place that I am, and I have realised that most of them seem to go through the same anxieties… From being social, independent, and fulfilled people, they are thrown in an alien country without their friends, and finding it hard to fill their days… I find that over the weekend I spend a lot of time with my husband, and it makes me very happy, almost blissful! But then the week arrives, and you spend your day applying, hoping, and wondering that you will be on your own, and feel more fulfilled… And without your friends to confide in, it becomes too much to take… All you can do is rant to your spouse! It might be a sacrifice for nurturing a relationship, but with no end in sight, you worry that you maybe in over your head!


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