What is fate?

Do you believe in it? How does it work exactly?

I come from a family of believers, and while I sit on the fence about the subject, I spend a lot of time pondering about it. I have found that often things happen, and people who can predict say they knew it would happen all along. Other times people give you a time frame, on when you get a new job, or when you will get married, and I have to wonder is it about my stars or about calculation and timing? After all, its common sense to say switching jobs is more likely when the economy is doing well, when there is demand for the particular industry, or if its closer to the first quarter.I guess you are more likely to get married when you are ready and looking for someone, and maybe getting hitched has more to do with luck, on meeting the right person at the right time. I don’t know if knowing when you are going to meet them will ruin the magic of the moment, and make it more dull and boring. With things like finances and property, some people have gone to the deep end, diving blindly into decisions without much rational thought.

But then again, when I put my cynical hat down, another thought pops in to my head. Its comforting to know that your troubles will end soon, or that your problems will sort itself out soon. It might also inspire some positive thought, and force you into affirmative action, simply because you know its going to be over soon.

But the simpler question is, would you want to live such a life, where you know exactly what and when it is going to happen before it does?
My answer is NO!


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