Lessons from a year of being on a break

A year back I took the decision to take a break, focus on planning my wedding and moving to the United States. In my naivety, I thought the break would be frivalous and fun, a nice time to focus and strengthen my relationships, and find a job that is fulfilling and rewarding.

But one year from that point, I have discovered a few things:

– Planning a wedding is a set of tiresome and unending task.

– Every fathomable task that you take on in the course, be that applying for a US visa or getting a passport reissued will go wrong.

– People warn you that job hunting is the US while you are on a H1B is hard, but thats an understatement. There is no silver lining in the entire process, its just a series of disappointments that demoralizes you and kils your self-confidence.

– You make beautiful plans on what you would do on your time off– take classes, go to museums, enjoy the city. But when you are in that position, you cant bring yourself to do any of your plans. You end up wondering when the holiday is going to end, almost nervously looking for a finish line. You end spending most of your time applying or worrying about jobs.

– Sometimes the more time you invest in understanding a relationship, the more it goes awry. The saying “Idle mind is a devil’s workshop” can fit in well here.


One comment on “Lessons from a year of being on a break

  1. I agree Roh! It takes a lot to do exactly what u plan…be it takin a break or deciding to do what you want when you decide to take a break!! I was on a brief sabbatical myself (20 odd days) now that I am moving jobs, but believe me you, I had so much of other baggage which I had to work on that going that extra mile to learn a language or getting back to dance or staying fitter or acquiring a new hobby or hell, even watching all those flicks that u missed coz of ur hectic schedules suddenly seems arduous!

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