Househunting in New York

My latest adventure in New York has been looking for apartments in New York.  I was forewarned, but I was thinking, how hard could it be. But friends warned that it was is as challenging as finding the right man! I scoffed!

But 20 apartments and a dozen ridiculous agents shows me just how hard it could be! One of the agents went on and on about  his life, personal views and totally ignoring my budget or choices. The other made me wait for 2 hours, while he was talking to other clients who offered more commission. Another agent first offered to show tons of apartments on my budget, then rudely yelled when we didnt like his showings, and tried to convince us we wont get anything.  The other huge grey area is their chat about application fees and deposits. They all push for you to make an application, even before they dont show you any apartment. Even though they all claim its fully refundable, I have heard enough horror stories to know better! Sounds far too sketch!

Furthermore, none of the listings are entirely true, you call them and the price suddenly goes up or the agents just start pushing all other apartments. The apartments fly off the lists like hot cakes, and every apartment comes with hidden agent costs. I wasnt even being picky on the size, finishings, or layout. But even the most basic list of needs is never fulfilled! And all the while, I was thinking how much compromise is too much compromise!

Even now, when I got some of the requirements met, I am still left wondering… Is this what I want? Am I willing to commit? Would I regret the decision? Sounds familiar—I think so!


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