If I had Paul the Octopus

I have been reading about the frenzy about the predictions of Paul the octopus. The two year old octopus is used as an animal oracle in the Sea Life Center in Germany. Although in the Euro 2008 games, Paul got 4 out of the 6 games results correct, he has been spot on in predicting the results of 8 games.

To me, the incredible part about the octopus is that it can predict the result for a game that changes with every minute. The part that fascinates me is the power the octopus has, and how it could prospectively be used in other areas!

My first thought is maybe the investment banks, in all their infinite wisdom, may choose derivatives and the related investments using Paul, assuming that he has a track record of being right, as opposed to the banks’ decisions.

I would use Paul to choose stocks for me! Just imagine the power Paul can yield in influencing buyer’s decisions, just get him to stand on your stock or product, and your are golden!

All right, before my imagination gets the better of me, I should stop rambling! But feel free to drop your ideas!


3 comments on “If I had Paul the Octopus

  1. How fascinating would it be to have some eligible guys who are vying for me standing in a row and ask Paul to jump on an eligible one..yahahahha

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