Prince of Persia–my verdict

In a bid to get some respite from the heat wave, I went to watch Prince of Persia. The promos looked like a typical historical action flick. The plot was simple enough, The king of Persia takes an orphan Dastan in to his home, and as he grows up, Dastan learns to fight along with his 2 older brothers and an uncle. But following a takeover of a holy city and someone plots to kill the king, and blame Dastan for the murder. Dastan escapes with the princess of the sieged city and a sword which can go back in time. What ensues is a chase for the sword, the mystery of why everyone wants to get their hands on it, and the mystery of who is to blame!

While the movie doesn’t disappoint the action movie watcher, with beautiful desert locations and excellent action flicks! The stunts were good, but the climax was predictable! What amazes me is that while the movie was set in Persia, everyone in the movie has strong English accents! It would have been so authentic/ believable if they could dub the actors in a more authentic accent!


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