Back Home…

I can hear “yeh jo desh hai tera” from Swades humming in my head as my flight inches towards Mumbai’s international airport.

Since I have been back I feel like the more things change, the more they are the same! Skyscrapers and slums co-exist… The same crowds and hustle, the sounds of rickshaws, bhajans, and familiar Marathi… The roads are the same, but the number of cars have doubled! Cows and stray dogs still run around and rule the road… with The same restaurants with chaat, coffee and dosa flourish, while there is an influx of world food…

To a non-Mumbaikar, the first thing they may recall about Mumbai is slums just outside the airport, or the smell in the air, but to me its home! There is this feeling of safety, comfort, security which warms your heart!

During this time of the year, the city is washed of its dust and pollution, and it has the fresh smell which invigorates the city! Standing in the rain especially the first drops after a long summer is something every Mumbaikar enjoys!To me, standing in the rains at Worli Sea Face or Marine Drive is a life-altering experience…

I am home! “zyaara hatke zyaara bachke yeh hai mumbai meri jaan”!!


One comment on “Back Home…

  1. beautifully penned roh! be ever so humble, there is no place like home:) I have always liked that about u that unlike may others who move abroad and start giving their motherland step motherly treatment, u always come to India with the same emotion and feeling as if u never left! u knw wherever we go, mumbai is gonna haunt us, warts and all!

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