Kids and flights!!

I was on a 20 hour ordeal to join my love, and the flight was unbelievably difficult! I love kids, I adore all my nieces and nephews to bits, and with all my hours of baby-sitting, I would like to believe that I am pretty good at it! I want to have a couple of kids too… But somehow, the flight made me really mad at kids! There was this guy sitting next to me, with 4 kids– 3 of whom were sitting all by themselves, and one of the kids, 9 months old, was sitting on his lap.. The tiny air seats aren’t exactly comfortable, and with a child which is uncomfortable on a flight and squirting constantly, I was constantly kicked… The father was trying hard to keep up, but only to keep elbowing me… And then of course, there was this 9-year-old sitting behind me who kept shaking his tray table, while I was sleeping, and the mother just smiled sheepishly! I couldn’t help but reflect on how my parents would react to the same situation– they would have made me apologise and ensure that I would not do it again…

I was chatting with a friend about this, and she mentioned that she had similar experiences with kids, and it made me reflect on whether the lack of “spare the rod, spoil the child” ideology might be to blame? I am not talking about hitting, violence is simply not acceptable, but its the lack of consequences for actions, because parents just don’t discipline their kids… Do you agree?


One comment on “Kids and flights!!

  1. it a plane, bus or train..children can b quite a menace.. d deal is that every moe of transport is uncomfortable for a child..we ain’t mothers so naturally we wouldnt know how to deal with the situation (am surer there is a way out like ensuring that you baby sleeps at the time you travel by feeding them at an ‘x’ hour so on and so forth..personally, i like to read in the train..if the baby is non fussy i even entertain them!i love kids myself but it\\this becomes a trick situation dude..but I dont want to get into too much criticism because tommorrow it could be me giving that sheepish look to some other

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