Peepli Live- My review

I went to watch the movie with a bit of apprehension, primarily because of the subject of the movie – farmers’ suicide.  I was a little stressed with the daily grind, and I just wanted an escape, not something too depressing.  But instead the movie dealt with the subject with a dose of humour, and yet highlighted the plight of the farmers.  Natha was endearing in the portrayal of a farmer, torn between his commitment to his family, and being egged on by his brother, and still being afraid of the prospect of death.  Natha’s wife and mother’s arguments are hilarious, and the portrayal of farmers and their lives is realistic without looking desolate and depressing.  But the highlight of the movie was the depiction of the media, in the age of sensationalism and breaking news syndrome.  The furore in covering Natha’s decision to commit suicide and the political spins to the story are the absolute star point.

The movie has a strong social theme, and when you leave the theatre, you go home thinking about the plight of the farmers, and the state of agriculture in the country, the corruption and the politics.. But when you think of the movie, you have a smile!


One comment on “Peepli Live- My review

  1. very interesting is indeed a thinker’s movie..everybody who has watched it, has liked it..dealing with a sensitive subject satirically is indeed difficult and i think the director has managed to do just that! havent seen it yet, hope to catch it soon!

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