When nothing seems good enough.. (via Expression…Completed!)

I love this post by my BFF because it poignantly captures my emotions. I am reblogging it only because is almost like someone went in to my head, and tried to reason out my feelings and emotions.

In my current chapter of life, I find myself in new challenging situations or circumstances, and even with me giving my all I find it going unnoticed/ underappreciated. It frustrates you because you work really hard to manage/mitigate the situations, but nothing you do seems to be enough. And while it might be relatively easy to let go of some of the other issues, when you are going through these phases, issues pile up in your head, you find yourself overreacting to trivial comments and statements. Half the time, once I am done overreacting and I step back to see what I just did, I realise the reaction is due to the backlog of emotions. The phase of “nothing I do is good enough” is almost like an abyss, which you have to choose to climb out off, otherwise you end up sinking into it like quicksand.

And it isnt like I have a magic solution to this, its just a realisation of my feelings. You dont have a happy pill, or a “be patient, tomorrow is a new day solution”, you choose to address and solve things on your mind, communicate to people impacted by your moods and hope they are compassionate enough to understand. But I hope self-realisation is almost like a emotional map, you realise where the landmines are before you get there.

Deepu you are absolutely awesome at writing about something which captures an emotion which is hard to express, and still not preach about it from a moralistic standpoint! Bravo babe, keep writing!

There are times when you strive too hard to make something work. Sometimes you are striving to maintain a friendship,sometimes you are striving to make your boyfriend/girlfriend see light, Sometimes you are striving to mend that little tiff which you had with your spouse before you left for work in the morning, sometimes you are  striving to mend that little fight which you had with your parents at breakfast, sometimes you are striving to keep yo … Read More

via Expression…Completed!


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