The modern day Rapunzel

I was reading the Rapunzel Story to my niece, and I thought about how it would be viewed today. The story reminds me of love, pure and simple, without doubts, and of happy endings.  Rapunzel, who was locked away in a tower by an evil witch. The dashing prince hears her beautiful voice, and is drawn to her. He climbs to see her, and plans their escape together. After a few trials and tribulations, they lived happily ever after.

If it were to happen today, Rapunzel would sit in the tower, reading Cosmopolitans and Mills & Boons novels.  When the prince climbs over the tower, she might not be impressed with him if he has an obsolete cell phone, if he isn’t tall, dark and handsome, if he didn’t use enough cologne or deodorant.  She might consider breaking up with him if he didn’t reply to her texts, or didn’t come to see her with chocolates. Rapunzel might worry about her compatibility with the prince, or whether they have a future and decide to stay in tower over running away with him.

In the new age of information overload, romance and love has become so complicated, because everything you can do to express your love has been done before and written about.  Nothing seems as new and exciting as just breaking free and running away into the wild, without overanalyzing the relationship.  The number of columns and articles dedicated to the pursuit of the perfect gift or gesture are endless, so all your partner has to do is read one he is will to try. But in such cases, you have seen it all and are not impressed.  There are self-help books on how to repair any relationship, and all friends become relationship experts who try to find out the problems and solutions in your relationships.

The other pitfall is there is always a precedence of an ideal romance, which you start envisioning as your own. In such a situation, no matter what your partner does for you, it always falls short of your expectations.  A lot of books and articles talk about the ONE, the idea that there is this perfect person for you, and who is compatible, suitable, shares the same hopes and dreams as you. In pursuit of the ONE, you never give any relationship a chance, you run at the sight of anything complicated.  Relationships then end up beginning with expiration dates!

So if Rapunzel was to meet Prince Charming would she take off?? I think not!


2 comments on “The modern day Rapunzel

  1. the modern day woman is different. Great expectations in every area. Guess that’s what needs to be curbed. its a vicious circle and the sensible ones stay away from it. But then it is indeed tempting u know. The need for everything in life to be perfect is always there in d back of our mind. Its human to feel so, but we also know that this idyllic situation is not doable. it is the need to achieve the perfection in relationships which many a times, is the root cause of all discontent.

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