Facebook stalking!

I was at a wedding last week, and an uncle approached the groom’s mother, whom he has never met, and mentioned that since his daughter and the bride are friends on Facebook, he glanced through the pictures of their family trip in July. The groom’s mother had the look of shock and confusion, but the whole incident got me thinking on how invasive Facebook can really be in social contexts.

I could potentially find out your school, pet peeves, music choices, music tastes, pictures, the friends who reply to your status updates, etc etc all in a matter of seconds. Moms, dads, even grandparents are slowly finding their way around Facebook, as a networking tool.  It’s almost scary to imagine my parents being my friends on Facebook, and reading through the ridiculous messages we write to friends. I see cousins, uncles, my friends’ parents, as well as my parents’ friends sending me friend requests, which I find rather absurd, and I have to go about managing my security settings so I don’t have to deal with uncomfortable questions later.

And the more scary part to me is, people don’t look at it as invasion of privacy, they think it’s perfectly ok to admit to cyber stalking. Lots of companies openly admit to reading through potential employees’ networking pages as a past of their due diligence before hiring, I know people go through the pages before blind dates and other dating situations.  I am not saying I am any better, I go though my long-lost school friends’ pages to see what they are up to, but I am not sure if I am willing to own up to it!

Are you a Facebook stalker?


2 comments on “Facebook stalking!

  1. Errr..confession, yes I am a facebook stalker! I think it is a double edged sword. While it is great to know things about a person it is also uncomfortable when you realise that there are ppl who are visiting your profile and making judgements about u. For example, believe me you, for the kind of image I have per se, people get particularly surprised when they see that am a huge rock fan. In fact, times are such that social networking has become a reflection of one’s personality. It doesnt matter whether you are a cricketer, an actor, a musician or the guy/gal next door. Social networking is indeed the way to go!

    • I agree, networking is a huge tool for communication and just developing your overall knowledge, but there is almost a need for some facebook ettiquette or networking code of conduct… sort of like what to say when you meet people, and more importantly what not to!

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