Student life again

I have been in this state of perpetual panic for the last few days as I realize that I am going to start school in less than 24 hours.. Exams, assignments, grades, lectures— all over again….

I didn’t always dislike studying, I actually loved my time in Junior college, and (Bachelors was a bit of a wash) my first Masters in UK… I had lots of friends, and the friends I made are for life… I never sweated too much on future plans, just on getting good grades… I always knew the rest would pan out automatically…

But this time around, there are many more factors involved… For one thing, I am older (not sure how much wiser!), and married…. I am not exactly looking for a good time, given my husband is investing in my future, I want Return on Investment (isn’t it obvious here, that I am heading for a career in finance?)… So I am going in planning on internships, campus jobs, and offer letters…

But the recruitment the US isn’t simple either… good grades don’t promise you anything– the more important thing is networking, career fairs, alumni stuff… All new unexplored territories…

As another wave of panic hits me, deep breathing and yoga is my only saviour!


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