Love Story– Do opposites attract?

I always read about compatibility, the importance of being in the same page. Instead of writing about it as a collection of ideas, I thought of writing it as a story. Leave your thoughts, or impressions about it.


Boy meets girl, the girl’s heart beats a bit faster when the phone rings, she longs to hear from him. They meet, there is chemistry, but are they similar?

Boy loves tennis, running, anything outdoor; girl loves reading, painting, anything indoors.  Boy loves old songs, girl loves new songs.  Boy loves documentaries, girl loves comedies.  Boy is thinks a lot, he is planned and organised, girl is very “que sera sera”. Boy is logical, girl is emotional.  Boy is ambitious, almost the next future CEO, girl isn’t that ambitious, just wants enough to lead a good life, and have a full life.  Boy wants to achieve, girl just wants to learn new things even if she doesn’t succeed.  Boy could win best son award, everyone’s favorite; girl is happy just having people to talk to, no real pressure for anything.

Boy asks girl if she will marry him. Girl loves boy, she says yes, without thinking about how the rest of their life would turn out. Do opposites really attract? Is the attraction sustainable?


One comment on “Love Story– Do opposites attract?

  1. The debate about man and woman has been going on for time immemorial. I think they are ALWAYS opposite. Bcoz a man and a woman are genetically programmed in such a manner that they want and need different things..when a man and a woman want the same things all d time, methinks either one of them errrr probably swings d other way!!fundamentally, both of them r need diverse things.therefore, its ok if d boy loves tennis n d girl loves painting,its ok if the boy is sporty n d girl is an indoor person,its ok if one is ambitious n d other is not.ask me y?because that’s how a man and woman generally are.So in my view, men and women are ALWAYS opposite, what brings them together are factors like common thoughts, common views,physical attraction, wanting the same things in the long run yadda yadda yadda. The factors merely determine if 2 ppl want to b there together and if those 2 ppl r willing to work around it, , they will work around d uncommon factors and be together. So yes, a man and a woman are opposites always,n that’s where d fun lies baby, believe me you *wink*

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