a typical day

wake up

check email, Facebook

read my igoogle for news snapshot

cook breakfast for hubby, send him off for the day

go back to Facebook, look at pictures, comment on status



one hour breaks, Facebook emails news

go to class

check Facebook, emails on iPhone on my way to class

get out of class

check Facebook, emails

eat dinner

spend some time watching tv with hubby

check Facebook, emails

go to bed!

The only thing I do almost as compulsively as drinking water or eating, is checking emails and Facebook. I am guessing a lot of you might be in the same boat. Somehow checking emails and Facebook almost obsessively has become such a part of our life that we can’t imagine life without. I say this now because over the last 2 hours I can’t log on to Facebook and I feel like something is wrong, that I am losing a connection to the world.

Technology almost controls the world we live in. Whichever industry you work in, computer is a must. Even studying has become a slave to technology, most of my coursework is computer based, homework is on computers, teachers reach out to you through email.

Do you think you work more efficiently with technology, or technology is just one big distraction??


One comment on “a typical day

  1. Ayo technology! i agree roh, we cannot imagine one day without gadgets or applications..BlackBerry, Facebook, WordPress, my comp..all of these are things I cant think of living without. Technology is now past addiction now, it is as important as breathing. It is a combination of both efficiency and distraction, one begets the other!

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