Great expectations (via Expression…Completed!)

I love this post by my BFF, primarily because it centers over what I often feel. It resonates with me more because I am people pleaser-I often end up killing myself trying to get people to like me, to appreciate the effort I take to get their approval. But it is pointless, especially because since its not out of your own volition so you might not particularly enjoy doing it, and you seek appreciation, acknowledgment or approval. And more often that, it never ever happens! And then I get to the point where I wonder how nothing I do is ever enough (something I wrote about before).

Someone  recently mentioned that we always live for others, never for ourselves. We are always striving to meet expectations of others. Have we ever stopped to think about what we want?Have we worked as hard to meet our expectations, as we strive to meet other’s expectations?It would be interesting to note that our world does indeed revolve around others. No man is an island, it is said. But does that mean, that every action needs to be centered … Read More

via Expression…Completed!


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