Friends over time

So I had this strange realization today, about friends and how friendships change over time. I have moved around a lot, between schools, colleges, from Bombay to Singapore to London to Singapore v2 and now to New York.  I always tried keeping in touch with my old friends but somehow over a period of time you always end up losing the connection or sometimes the friendship just dies.I had realized that a few time when I hung out with a school friend, who I used to adore, but I somehow lost all common topics of conversation. I feel like there is a huge gap in who is used to be who I am now.

This thought popped in to my head, because I realized that one of my old friends had severed the last line of communication that was left between us, facebook. We used to be close years ago, but since I moved, we both changed and grew up, and while we both always tried to hang out somehow it wasn’t the same. And any transition of my personality was always an issue. Add an unfaithful and annoying boyfriend to the mix and it ended with an ugly fight. There were some attempts to reconciliation, but it was never completely fixed. Although we haven’t been in touch for the last year, the unfriending bit was still still like a shock.

This isn’t true for all friends though- one of my favorite people in the world-Deepti and I have kept our friendship tight over time, even though we haven’t always spent a lot of time together since I moved. We keep in touch, appreciate the changes and transitions in our lives, and support each other.

This post is just for you Deepti! Love you loads…


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