Social Network- my review

I watched the much-talked about movie Social Network, and I was blown away by the performances by the main characters. While the verdict is still out on whether the story is fact or fiction, some characters are rumored to be very close to the original people.  I just felt it dragged a bit towards the end.

Jess Eisenberg’s portrayal as Marc is compelling, he plays a character you would love to hate, especially after he thinks of comparing women to farm animals in a drunk state. But he isn’t the bad guy, just an a__hole, who is responsible for creating the most popular website on earth!
One of my favorite characters was the Winklewass twins, played by Armie Hammer, is not just easy on the eye, he played the role of twins with such ease. Girls you have to check him out!
Andrew Garfield is endearing as Eduardo Saverin, Marc’s friend and co-founder of Facebok, although the aside about his crazy girlfriend was a tab out of place!
I have been reading about Oscar buzz about Justin Timberlake, who plays Sean Parker, the creator of Napster. He was really good in the movie as the guy who draws Marc in to a world of sex, drugs and crazy parties. But for some reason, JT, I don’t know if it is was intended for the role.

Watch out for: Brilliant performances
Bah-hum parts: Towards the end, its a bit stretched
Overall verdict: Totally worth a watch!

5 comments on “Social Network- my review

    • Most of the newspaper articles i have read about the movie were filled with speculation about whether it was fact or fiction. Mark Zuckerberg was on Oprah to talk about the movie. That was all the buzz.
      I don’t particularly care if it is or not, but its just something that I wondered about!.

      • That’s fair. We can’t really know how it went though I imagine. A lot of parts about the Zuckerberg character in the movie were very unflattering, and I doubt that the real Zuckerberg would admit to those unflattering aspects. He has an image to think about after all. Though there’s no doubt the film-makers took some liberties; they always do.

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