Ambani’s new residence…

One of the main stories in all international newspapers is the article about Mukesh Ambani’s new home.

Mumbai billionaire’s home boasts 27 floors, ocean and slum views.

The article caught my attention, it highlights one topic: do people have a say in how others spend?

The automatic comparison in American newspapers is to Bill and Melinda Gates who have pledged 95% of their income to the less fortunate and causes, while Warren Buffet has donated 99%. But it can be argued that this decision is personal, and while social responsibility should be encouraged, it cannot be enforced. Mukesh Ambani earned his money fair and square and what he wants to do with it is his own decision. There is an Ambani foundation, and they do have a social responsibility wing in Reliance.

While I personally feel its an indulgent and exorbitant statement of wealth, I think the media is taking a far too judgmental stand. The income inequality is an issue in almost all countries, and crucifying people for their spending habits is unfair. Moderation is a virtue, which cannot be expected. Your views?


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