#18- Passion for Economics

I started my undergraduate, confused and unsure about what I wanted to do. I almost stumbled into Economics, and loved it! I spoke to a few people and took a spot decision to change my majors from business to Economics. My parents were convinced I was failing Business and thats why I am shifting so suddenly!

I think I connected to the subject because there aren’t rules, it isn’t like math in that there are axioms and theorems. There is a lot of movement and trends in the subject, again in contrast to history, which to me, is like an explanation of observable phenomenon. What made me enjoy the subject and gave me a high, is the chance to, on occasion, predict the performance of currencies based on the theory I have studied. It is this applicability and connection from theory to the real world  is what I find interesting.

To get my fill on economics read, I love the blogs by Tim Harford and Greg Mankiw, I stumbled upon a hilarious website called economists do it with models! I know it sounds a bit geeky, but I am so glad to stumble to this discipline, and it is something I hope to contribute towards!


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