#24-Dreams and Ambition

One of the biggest realizations for me in the last year is how much ambition pushed me to propel me to the right direction. It is one of the life lessons I learnt as I struggled to deal with not getting a job.I think a lot of the time I felt like I wont be able to achieve all the things I had envisioned for myself. I wanted a secure job, a stable marriage, and be able to do something back for the world. But in the rush to get a job, I often lost focus of all other things. It took time to get the wisdom to refocus on my marriage, look for the simple pleasures in life, and look at the bigger picture. Part of the reason I am writing the 25 days of gratitude is to look for the small things that seem to make my life better! I didn’t want to look at my life as what I couldn’t do but what I could do, so it took a bit of re-focusing. I am studying now, which was not in my plan but I have got around to look at it as a stepping stone to get my career back. I think in the last year I lost a bit of my fire for my list of ambitions, but I am finding my footing. My new ambition which takes me forward– to get back on track!


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