New Year Resolution v2

Happy New Year!

Its almost a month in and I finally got the time to blog! I know I have been a bit slow about about blogging and that will add my list of new year resolutions!
I might finally make headway on the 5 country plan, I might be knocking 2 countries from my list–very excited about the plan!
I haven’t really made any headway in my other resolutions, and thats something I will work towards to!

Lets hope that the world finds peace, love and acceptance in the new year….

This year I decided that instead of a new year resolution, I will have five 5 year resolutions: – travel to 5 countries – learn a new language – learn an instrument – learn sailing – learn some form of self defense so by 2015, I will be a kickass foreign language speaking guitar (or another instrument) playing traveler, sailing to my next destination!!!! … Read More

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5 comments on “New Year Resolution v2

  1. My new year’s resolutions (taken on 31st December 2010 in Miami, Florida) : hit the gym every day (which has yet to start:)); learn German (I’m still so pathetic at it:(( ; learn to cook properly (ha ha ha) ; focus on learning the violin; continue singing lessons.

    And my wishes for the world: One, that the skies stay safe for everyone, no air disasters. Second, that the world becomes more accepting of everyone that inhabits it, irrespective of race, religion, color and other such factors…

    R! I like the sailing bit:-)))

      • I was in Michigan and Florida sweetie….If I could I would come to NY for a weekend just to be able to meet you….and you would have to spend the weekend with me…just me..ha ha ha….kidding, i would be the KMH…and we would still have a blast:-)))

      • oh my god, that is soo awful! even for the weekend would have been great! KBH is true probably only till honeymoon, not after that… imagine if i came to germany and left without telling you….
        i am hurt

      • if you came to germany and left without telling me I would hunt you down *evil grin* come on, germany is itna chota compared to the US, no matter where you landed, I would drive to meet you/pick you your personal chauffeur/ all of these things…..and also offer to be your guide in germany (if required OR to play the KMH:-)) but, we were not even close to NY sweetie, and if there was any way I was going to be in NY, of course I would tell you. Besides I was all depressed back then….did you see me on FB or anything? You know, if I am online at anytime, I always write to you ’cause you make me feel happy….so, if i am not writing to you, it means I am not in the online phase and basically sinking into my own shell…:-(( Don;t be hurt please sweetie….I am gonna come to NY just to see you….*I promise*:-)))

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