Why Serena why?

I love Gossip Girl, I wait for Mondays, but the writers are killing my love for the show.. The plot surrounding Serena, the pivotal character of the show, is so ridiculous….

First there was Serena and Dan, lonely boy… The story was cute, and although its a bit bizarre they seem to have some unsaid feelings even though their parents are now married—doesn’t that make them step siblings?

And then there was Serena and Nate…  It looked promising, and then the story went downhill fast!

Then came Carter, that was just weird… He seemed to be there for her, she went off to look for her father with him, fought for him, bu then it ended really absurd…

Serena was confused between Dan and Nate…. When both of them got frustrated with her indecision, she fell madly in love with Colin, and suddenly it ends…

Lastly, right now Serena’s focus is convict Ben, her ex-professor who was framed for taking advantage for her as a minor, went to jail and plotted revenge and hated her… And now, suddenly they are all hot and heavy…

The plot is getting more and more bizarre… Her character now seems to be running behind any man on the show, barring her brother, and hopefully she leaves the older folk alone.. The boys are pretty yes, but this crazy plot is making me want to give up on the show….


2 comments on “Why Serena why?

  1. Crazy is right. I see I need to catch up a lot before I can post but this is bizarre…

    And on an unrelated issue, why is Chair not together? I lost focus somewhere mid or end S3 where Chuck and Jenny (excuse me while I empty the contents of my stomach:) had a ONS…

    • Okay, I just watched some Dair and some Chaina:-))) I don’t think Chaina will last somehow….
      I am not a lonely boy fan…so am slightly biased but it may be interesting to see how Dair develops….or has it already developed???? But then I watched some Chair and was again so fascinated, there is something so fascinating (for me) about Chair. Anyway, I am sure Chair will be back eventually….so or I hope…
      I need to watch more to say something about Serena, I always wished she would be together with Nate….well…

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