Raines Law Room: Review

My latest New York discovery: Raines Law Room!

It is a speakeasy bar, that captures the mood of bars during the prohibition period, the bars don’t have sign boards and flashy entrances. The bar’s name refers to a prohibition passed by the New York City Legislature in 1896, which prohibited the sale of alcoholic beverages on Sunday (crucial for six-day working men) except in hotels. This bar is one of the most popular speakeasy bars, with a wait for a couple of hours. The bar is unmarked, you ring the doorbell and the maitre’d will attend to you.You can’t make reservations, just put your name on a list and wait. But believe me, the interiors, experience, and drinks are totally worth the wait!

The interiors are like an old English townhouse, with three distinct areas: drawing room with leather chairs, parlor with booths that have velvety sofas and red curtains, and kitchen area where the drinks are made. The booths have little doorbell buttons, which correspond to a number that lights up in the kitchen, where the drinks are made.

The drinks are made in the kitchen, made from scratch and takes about 10 minutes. The bartenders make the drinks with such precision, its a treat to watch! They are a bit pricey at $13 a cocktail. They have drinks that are either the “Tall & Fizzy Cocktails” and the “Short & Shaken Cocktails”.

Overall, great interiors, good drinks, a pity they don’t take reservations, the waiting time is often a couple of hours! Go there to get the New York experience!

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