Images from Prague

I visited the fabulous city of Prague for 3 days, its a stunning city full of architecturally magnificent buildings. The city is on the banks of the Vlastava river and boasts of stunning landmarks of Gothic Architecture (Powder Tower, St.Vitus Cathedral) as well as more Art Nouveau buildings, all from 12th century onwards.  The old town, with the cobbled street paths, museums and curios stores, have an endearing appeal.

The Indian in me sometimes says thats not as historic as some of the monuments which date back my further in India, but it basically reflects one thing–the Czech are very proud of their heritage; they showcase and flaunt it proudly.  They celebrate the genius of their people including Franz Kafka (by having a statue, museum on the writer) and Antonin Dvojak (by naming the concert hall after the famed composer).

Here are some pictures from the city!

Astronomical Clock Tower

Jewish Quarters

Jewish Quarters 2

Jewish Quarters 3

Powder Tower during the day

Concert Hall

Church of St.Nicholas

Church of St.Vitus

Gorgeous chandelier


2 comments on “Images from Prague

  1. awesomeness! i always love to c a city through someone else’s eyes, especially urs since you have a penchant for travel..d pics look marvellous and i wish i was wid u to hear your travelogues in person..its at times like this that I hate the distance v have:(

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