Irresponsible Indian media

One of the issues that really gets on my nerves is the way media projects weight issues, and lately the way India media is talking about celebrity weight is appalling. On Koffee with Karan, I was stunned about how Karan Johar (who claims to have had issues with weight before) grilled Sonam Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha about their weight loss, making crass and crude jokes about how they would be as fat teenagers. I get that he means to be funny, but this isn’t the kind of humour you want to propagate. You could talk about their weight struggle, but it could have been more on the lines of how they managed to lose weight, healthy lifestyle and all that. It is important for teenagers who are watching to look at it as inspiration, instead of encouraging them to get to unhealthy ways to lose weight, to avoid listening to the sort of jokes KJ made on his guests who had weight issues.

And yesterday, this was the headline on a leading newspaper, about Vidya Balan. I get that she might have not been good as a showstopper, but trust me, putting a headline like Fat Vidya flops as showstopper is mean, vindictive and in bad taste.

Article on Viday Balan

Most media in US and Europe are under pressure to recognize weight issues, and try to project a healthy image by getting women who are full sized and curvy on their cover. They are not there yet, but they are trying to change. Even tabloids that show pictures of celebrities don’t explicitly call someone fat, which makes an impact.

I only hope Indian media grows up, and starts showing some level of responsibility in promoting healthy image for young women and dissuade health disorders like bulimia and anorexia.


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