If I married a prince…….

I was one of those 2 million people who lapped in every moment of the royal wedding, which girl doesn’t like to a story that is like a fairytale! There is some magic in watching a love story unfold, and watching a couple who look so in love get married. And of course, the dress was divine! Which girl wouldnt want to be married in a 9ft train. Everything was so perfect, her hair, the tiara, the veil… I loved her earrings! She looked so relaxed and serene, a stunning bride!

The Gorgeous dress by Sarah Burton. Source: BEN STANSALL/AFP/GETTY IMAGES

To be honest, I preferred the reception dress a bit more. The sparkle in the waist was so young and refreshing! If I married a prince, this is my dress!!!

Source: John Stillwell/Getty Images

The reception dress. Source: John Stillwell/Getty Images

One of the show-stoppers of the wedding was Pippa Middleton! She played the role of bridesmaid with such elan, looking stunning but not overshadowing the bride! Her dress is so snug and stunning, it was so sheer that unless you are not in the peak of shape you cant pull it off. I dream that one day I will look hot enough to wear this and shine the way Pippa did! A girl can dream!

The gorgeous bridesmaid dress by Pippa Middleton Source: Getty Images

Her reception outfit was not my favorite, the color didn’t work… But her perfect figure was showcased brilliantly!

Pippa Middletons's dress for reception Source:Bauer Griffin


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