Mumbaikars wake up….

I love my city, it annoys me to no end when people complain, but sometimes it can really disappoint me.  Bombay was attacked again, rattled by three bomb blasts.  But what infuriates me is people talking about the city’s resilience, because I think its fueling political indifference.  After all, just because the city can pick up its pieces and stand again should not mean that there should be no accountability.  A week after this tragedy, there are still no suspects, no investigations and suddenly its no longer in the papers.

I just compare what happens in US to what happens in India.  Once September 11th happened, they came up with comprehensive security plans, including thorough scans at airports, luggage checks and kept a security alert index.  To some, that may seem excessive, but at the end of the day, it shows the public a reaction to an incident, and makes them feel safe.  In Bombay, we are left to fend for ourselves.  The government is not accountable, and its business as usual with no overhauls.  And that is not OK, we have to say enough is enough.  Lets remember, terror attack fears is not something we should learn to live with.

Mumbaikars, lets ask the government to be accountable, ask them who is responsible and what is the plan to ensure no further attacks happen….



One comment on “Mumbaikars wake up….

  1. Very well written article.. Clearly captures the frustration many of us have with th indifferent attitude of the government

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