Smart Phones?

First off I am super excited I have an iPhone, especially win I realized there is an app for wordpress. I love that I can post on the go!

I recently read an alarming fact about email checking addicts.

My first reaction was that’s not me! But I can see how having an iPhone makes you one. I habitually check for text messages, emails, facebook notifications, or words for friends game alerts— not just when I have time, but also when I am busy. I think it’s an impulse I don’t even realize! I always prided myself about being a multitasker, but now I am wondering if my multitasking is making me less focused.

There was a time when I remembered songs and artists, but with Shazam on my finger tips, I don’t even bother anymore! Its the same even with stories, there is so much information out there, that we dont process it, just keep reading.

Smart phones were intended to make us smarter, but as dependence it increases, I can’t help but wonder if they are in fact making us dumber!

More on it here-


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