Wisdom teeth wisdom!

I am still recovering from my wisdom teeth surgery, and I wanted to share thoughts on the do’s and don’ts post surgery.


  • Put ice right after surgery for the next 24-48 hours. Try to put it all the time, so the pain is manageable
  • Rest up, nothing too strenuous. Plop yourself on a few pillows to reduce bleeding
  • Replace gauze in the mouth every couple of hours
  • Gargle with salt water every 2 hours 24 hours the surgery
  • What to eat–jelly, ice creams, smoothies, mashed potatoes, soft food


  • Don’t touch the area with your tongue or fingers
  • Don’t eat hot drinks or food
  • Don’t eat anything spicy
  • Don’t eat anything hard
  • Don’t use a straw, it could increase the risk of blood clots

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