My trip to Colorado

I love to blog about travel, and my new favorite destination is Colorado. When I landed in Denver I wasn’t excited, it looked like a regular city…nothing to spectacular–but how wrong I was!!!

We went to Rocky Mountains for a hike and to drive around, and that just took my breath away! Denver is at around 5280 feet (the Mile High City), and we started hiking at around 10,000 feet. The mountains are breathtaking, and the best part is the forests are untouched. The endless rows of pine trees and curious squirrels act as your companion during your hike up the forest. Another unforeseen sight: a bunch of elks walking with no care, like it owns the road!

There is a jaw dropping drive up Trail Ridge Road to 12,000 feet to one of the mountain tops, which gives a flavor of the Tundra region. The air is a lot thinner, the weather changes through the day, there are hardly any trees around, it almost feels surreal.

Another must see spot is the drive up to Mount Evans, nestled at 14,000 feet. The 12 mile hike up is full of steep curves and narrow roads, but the drive up is worth it. To stand at the top and see the world below you is a feeling of a lifetime.

The Red Rock Amphitheater is a rare open air auditorium around a beautiful area, with a walking trail that promises mountain lions and rattlesnakes (not verified, we drove up). Must see spot!

In my view, best time to head to Colorado to see the great outdoors is summer.

Things to take along while exploring the Rocky Mountains:

  • first aid
  • hiking gear
  • it might rain anytime, so get a jacket or umbrella
  • bring a jacket, it gets chilly at high altitudes
  • water
  • light snacks
  • if you are planning to camp, batteries, tents and the works

Some pictures from a memorable trip to Rocky Mountains:

Ester Lake, Rocky Mountains

Nymph Lake, Rocky Mountain


Flowers 2


View of the forest

The deer!

A traffic stopper indeed

Road up to 12,000 feet

the peak

Summit lake

Mount Evans-14,000 feet

At top of Mount Evans (14000 feet)

Pine trees

Mount Evans (with a hint of snow)!

Red Rock Amphitheater

Red Rock Amphitheater


2 comments on “My trip to Colorado

  1. Great pics and glad you had fun in Colorado!The elk spotting is cool. Just wanted to point out a small typo: Denver is 5280 feet (or 1 mile above sea level)…that’s why we call it the “Mile High City”. And great tips on hiking gear. People always forget their jackets when going to the mountains.

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