My new mission

One of the things I am looking forward to is my Vegas trip next month. Its a special trip, and to prepare I have set up my mission for the next month. One of my biggest struggles has been to lose weight, everything I have tried doesn’t make any difference. I have written before about how insensitive remarks about my weight have set me on spiral. While working on developing a thicker skin, I am also going to start another ambitious program.

The mission: Work out intensely, and shape up to look glamorous and stunning in Vegas.

My mission program (proposed at least!)

  • Gym at least 4 days a week –Cardio for 30-45 minutes, weights for 12-20 minutes
  • Yoga everyday– Stretching and suryanamaskar
  • Switch to walking as much as possible
  • Six small meals instead of eating 3 big meals
  • 5 cups of green tea
I am going to do my very best to follow the program, I am going to try and update my blog as much as possible with my progress/setback.
Wish me luck!

One comment on “My new mission

  1. if manage to achieve this Roh, do let me know..Gymming is something i have never been able to achieve!! Have started jogging, walking and d like..but never gymming:(

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