A Designer’s Downfall

The views expressed here are just mine, and are not judicial opinion

I was watching Laura Ling’s E Investigates “Designer’s Downfall” the other day, and it was so shocking. I used to read a lot about Anand Jon while I was in India, initially about how he is new big thing and how he was friends with the who’s who. When the case was reported in India, it was from his sister’s point of view–that it was a racist attack, and he was totally innocent. The view put forward was that he was victimized for being Indian, and it was a conspiracy targeting him. There were lots of youngsters, especially fashion fans who stood up and protested to support him.

But the travesty is no one knew what really happened. When I looked at the E Investigates, I was disgusted to think I believed he was innocent. I can’t shake that feeling off, especially because it was not one girl or two girls but 21 women. I think Laura showed some serious evidence, one that shocked me was the videos he made with the under-aged girls.  The evidence including the file on his computer with a list of the women he conquered and the empty promises he made in chats with young girls who hoped to be models, which to me was with the malicious intent of taking advantage of them.

I sincerely hope the girls find a way to let the issue behind and move on to lead a healthy happy life, and Anand Jon faces the punishment for his despicable actions.

Article about the Episode: laura-ling-reports-on-downfall-of-designer-anand-jon-on-e-investigates


4 comments on “A Designer’s Downfall

  1. I used to live and work with this family. I was utterly repulsed at the amount of people who came out in support of him upon his arrest. He is a vile human being much like his sister. A very messed up family indeed.

  2. One of my closest friends was a victim…and i found your post about this while i was trying to find a video of the recent Einvestigates episode about this. she just told me that it was on tv…… i cant believe its Years later and they are still talking about it all. It was such a hard time for her when this all happened. Most of the reason why no body knew what happened is because they were young under age girls and they were protecting them from further pain with the media publicizing it. i cant believe what a horrible man he is. and he deserves the worst.

  3. Orzulak and KC thank you for your comments.
    KC, I feel so sad for your friend, I hope she doesn’t let this man ruin her life, or let this incident define her. I had to write about it because I was very disgusted by the man and his actions, and more so about how he has played the race angle, instead of accepting guilt.

  4. I myself was on the show, my name is Shannan Simons and Anand Jon is indeed a horrible person who was just a sexual preditor who was makin a name so he could do what he wanted without being caught, and hissister I have met more then once, she herself is a lying twisted woman only out to manipulate ppl to get what she wants.! Shame on them both!

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