My Golu

One of my favorite Indian festivals is Golu, and I was very glad that I could continue my traditions.  Golu is done during the 10 days of Navratri, which occurs usually between September and October in the southern part of India. It is an exhibition of dolls and figurines in odd number of steps.

Since I don’t have too many dolls, I set up three steps.

The three steps

Three steps- 2

The dolls are supposed to be traditionally supposed to be idols of god.  I grabbed some dolls from my grandmother, which are almost 60-70 years old and are still beautiful.

Goddess statue

Goddess statue 2

Another tradition is to have figurines of a boy and girl together, called Marapacchi Bommai, usually made from dark wood. It was gifted to me by my parents on my wedding, so I could carry the Navratri tradition forward.

Marapacchi Dolls

Traditionally you are supposed to have rangoli on the floor, but since I don’t have all the required materials, this is my modern take on it.


Usually women are invited over, they are given food and gifts.

This is what a traditional offer plate looks like (clay figure)-it includes beetle leaf, banana, coconut, string of flowers.

Vethalai Pak

One of my favorite dolls, is the dancing doll, which sways with the wind.

Dancing doll


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