RIP Steve Jobs

One of the visionaries in tech world, Steve Jobs passed away today. His death moved so many people with his vision, including me. I am not the most tech-friendly person, but what made me a fan was the revolution he brought to music. After years of getting friends to send me songs and finding ways to download music, Steve Jobs was a genius in finding a way to download only songs I love, not the entire album. Easy iTunes system to add songs, make playlists–that’s the innovation–MP3 players might have existed but he made them irresistible. He brought a heady mix of great technology, sleek and simple looks and easy functionality products like iPod and Mac laptops to the world, getting the attention of tech challenged. He innovated to create a market for a new product- a tablet, which combines the functionality of smart phones and laptops, but became one of the most coveted products.  A marketing genius, his Apple stores showcased the best of Apple products, making it a powerful tool of attracting more customers.

One of the memorable quotes of Steve Jobs that will stay with me is from his Stanford commencement address “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”.

Link to commencement address: 


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