Juice Cleanse is not for the weak-hearted….

I have been on a  health kick recently, and I have been hearing rave reviews about the Blue Print Cleanse. A lot of my friends tried it and swear by it, apparently the juices are prepared fresh, using almost 20 pounds of vegetables and fruits. They have 1 day, 3 day and 5 day cleanses. I convinced my husband to try the one day renovation cleanse with me, after all we don’t eat the most healthy sort of meals-lots of eating out, coffee. And it wasn’t like we were going to starve ourselves-one day of 6 juices, adding up to 100 calories. I had tried fasting without salt before, so I thought this was gonna be easy!

Juice 1: 9 AM- The juice was with all greens- romaine, celery, parsley, cucumber, apple, kale, lemon ginger. I wasn’t looking forward to it, but it was surprisingly tasty. I missed my morning coffee though, I didn’t feel like I was awake yet.

Juice 2: 11.30AM- Pineapple, apple, mint- excellent tasting juice, hunger has just starting to set in.

Juice 3: 2.00PM- Another bottle of the green concoction. I wasn’t jumping around as much, but I felt lighter. And the multiple trips to the bathroom made me believe that the cleanse is working!

Juice 4: 4.30PM- Time for spicy lemonade-lemon, water, cayenne pepper, agave. I was dying of hunger at this point, my head was pounding. My husband was at that point too, he couldn’t take it anymore and grabbed a sandwich. I thought I would do the smart thing and take healthy stuff to eat- so I got a yogurt and banana. Bad idea, lesson learnt- never ever take dairy products with lemonade!

Both of us decided we aren’t made for cleanses, if anything, we felt the urge to get something extra greasy for dinner- pizza! So much for the “eating healthy” plan!

To finish the juice cleanse, I am gonna skip breakfast today for juice 5- Carrot, apple and beet and  juice 6-cashew, cinnamon, vanilla, water, agave.

With this experience, I have gained a lot of respect for people who fast- my friends who have done the 3 day or 5 day cleanses, and especially for those who fast for a month during Ramadan. On the other hand, I have also realized I am not made for fasting, I will be happy substituting one of meals for cereal, and ordering extra salad instead.

I would love to hear about your experiences with the juice cleanse process as well!


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