Hola Puerto Rico- Part 1!

I spent a magical week in enchanting Puerto Rico- which is fast becoming my favorite holiday destinations. The tiny island offers a combination of old world charm, idyllic beaches and plethora of outdoor activities making it an ideal holiday getaway.

A 4 hour flight to New York and you get transported to a whole new world, full of European charm, stunning beaches and tons of outdoor activities for the adventure junkies!

My favorite spots

1) Castillo de San Cristobal– One of the largest and most magnificent fortresses built by the Spaniards, you can walk through dungeons, prisons and long tunnels. Unbelievable views from the fort!

View from the fort

Fort at night

2) El Morro– The stunning fortress built to defend San Juan during 17th and 18th centuries. It oozes charm and magic, with stunning sea views!

The cemetery outside El Morro

El Morro at night

3) Walking around old San Juan– Walking around old San Juan is magical, full of old world charm-colorful and gorgeous Spanish architecture buildings, winding and hilly stone streets, right by the sea. Its full of vibrant restaurants and bars, a real tourist magnet.

Tree lined block

The stunning colors

Magnificent architecture

Central square

View of the city from the fort

Christmas decorations


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