Hola Puerto Rico- Part 2!

4) El Yunque Rain forest– The only rain forest in United States, El Yunque is a treat for nature enthusiasts. It has lush foliage, stunning waterfalls and rivers, with rare visits from frogs, lizards and birds. Hiking up the trails allows you to take in the rain forest experience. Must see!

La Coca Falls

Lush greenery

Mushrooms on the bark

The tallest tree in the forest

More of the gorgeous foliage

My favorite green!

La Nina Falls

The view from Mt.Britton tower

The mist below as the clouds float above..

The mist floats above the green capped peaks

5) Vieques– A 10 minute flight away from San Juan and you reach heaven on earth. With the most pristine and stunning beaches, Vieques is a favorite of surfers. One of the most incredible and must see place- the  Mosquito Bay- the world’s largest and brightest   Bioluminescent Bay. The bay has a micro-organism which glows when on touch, leaving a trail of neon blue.  You have to kayak in the bay during the night; the darker it is, the more you can see the glow. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to capture the once in a lifetime experience in pictures.

Pristine beach!

6) Another must do activity we could’t get to do was the adventure tours-half a day or full day tours  which include ziplining, hiking, rappelling. They get booked in advance, so plan ahead!


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