10 things I won’t do in 2012

1. I will not make New Year Resolutions

I have always tried making resolutions and I keep breaking them, and the feeling of failure is no way to start the year. I am going to make targets day by day, and hopefully get the joy of finishing them!

This list is my anti-resolutions!

2. I am not going to be the next Superstar at work

I am almost restarting my career, and one thing I don’t want to do is to pressurize myself to become a star performer–I want to make that I learn how things are done, build relationships and enjoy the experience.

3. I am not going to watch reality television

One thing I did a lot in 2011 was watch reality TV shows-Keeping up with the Kardashians, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Real Housewives of New York. After all the brouhaha surrounding Kim Kardashian’s wedding and divorce, I really don’t want to give any recognition to her attention grabbing antics.

4. I am not going to become an episode of Hoarders

With all the crazy sales and my Gilt addiction, I will buy more clothes only after I clear my closets. I am going to find something that matches something else I have already, and not just something that’s a fashion trend! I really am going donate what doesn’t fit and throw the old ones so I don’t end up in an episode on Hoarders!

5. I am not going to track how many people clicked on my blog

I always end up stalking/harassing my friends to read my blog, and comment on my articles. I always dream I will be Freshly Pressed with a 100 comments, but clearly my plan to get people to be more engaged with my blog is not working! So I am going to stop trying and let the universe work its magic!

6. I am not going to let my word games addiction get the better of me

I have had a relatively light semester since September and I spend a lot of my day playing Scrabble, Scramble and Words with Friends. But I think the hobby has really taken a life of its own! I now wake up dreaming about hitting 60 points by using the ‘Q’ in the best way. I really need to slow it down!

7. I am not going to obsess about my weight

The stress of worry about my weight does not really help me, it only makes me want to go off my resolutions. So this year, I am going to make it easier on myself. I will focus on health-eat healthy, work out and do yoga. I am just going to hope that the magic happens,  and I lose weight and keep the weight off . No pressure!

8. I will not complain about the weather

Over the last year, I have realized most of my small talk  has been about the weather-how I hate winter, how spring is lovely and frankly, I am bored of it myself. So I am going to think of something apart from weather to talk about.

9. I will not be a sissy

I am not known to be an adventure junkie, I am more of the ‘bumming on the beach’ kind! I tried kayaking last year, and I must admit it was kind of fun! So this year, I want to try and do atleast one activity that I have not done before-might be fun to try zip-lining or something!

10. I will find a way to not make my year mundane

Vacations and holidays are far too few, and I can’t spend all year counting down to the next one. I have to find fun things to do so I won’t find daily life mundane. Last year, I took an oil painting class that was the highlight of my week. Another thing I want to do more of is cooking- I want to find new recipes and dishes so cooking will always be exciting!Someday I would love to try something like Julie and Julia (a vegetarian version!).


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