Etiquette in a gadget crazy world

We have learnt a lot about manners in childhood, and a lot about technology in the recent years, and in this post I wanted to create an intersection of the two. Over the last few days, I was thinking about etiquette for this ‘gadget gone wild’ world.

Here are some rules that I come up with:

Rule #1- Don’t alarm me– When you are with other people, turn off your fog horn alarm. If you have to set some alarm, try keeping it a more pleasant sounds at a reasonable volume.

Rule #2- Keep in silent– No one needs to hear how popular you are, with the constant stream of text messages, emails and game alerts. Turn all the gadgets on silent in social settings.

Rule #3- Night time is log off time– Log off Skype, Googletalk and other calling applications from all your devices at night, you don’t want to keep hearing ringing at night (makes me wonder if I should get my head examined!)

Rule #4- Charger obstacle zone– Set up all your chargers around a small area, don’t set it up elaborately so someone will definitely fall.

Rule #5- No technology zones– When someone decides to take the effort to host or cook for you, the least you can do is give that person some attention; technology free attention. Dinner time is no technology time!

If you have any other rules, share them on the comments section!


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