Memories from my trip to Japan

I was thinking of my trip to Tokyo and Kyoto almost 3 years ago. It seems like such a long time ago, but I can remember every detail so vividly.

What did I love about Japan? Everything is so different from most foreign destinations you see- the architecture, the surroundings, the  greenery! When I landed in Tokyo, I was amazed at how different everything was, the foreign signs, the strange language which I couldn’t understand but I was in love with its beauty, its uniqueness. It takes a while to get used to the foreign signs, but people in Japan are very friendly–they really help tourists! I would recommend planning the trip a bit, to get the lay of the land so you know what to expect.

I don’t have a lot of pictures of Tokyo, but I do have pictures of Kyoto–to me, it is a must see for history buffs like me. It is filled with magical shrines, full of old-worldly charm. I spent 4 days there, but I barely managed to see a handful of their 2,000 shrines. Apart from Tokyo and Kyoto, I also went to the seaside city of Shimoda. It had beautiful beaches which are famous for surfing and stunning waterfalls.

I really hope I get to go back to Japan again someday, and see more the history and magic to it has to offer!

Kinkaku-ji temple

Kinkaku-ji Temple 2

Nijo Castle

Gardens at Nijo Castle

View of the Nijo castle from a height

A slanted view of the Zen garden at Ryoan-ji temple (the only way I could capture the whole garden)

Mount Fuji at the distance from a train!


One of the Kawazu Seven Waterfalls, Shimoda

Kawazu Seven Waterfalls, Shimoda-2


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