And the most ridiculous Oscar looks…

After covering the best looks, I have to talk about the most ridiculous ones too!

Source: Getty Images

Angelina Jolie likes black, and I get it- that’s my favorite color too. And she has an amazing body so she wants to flaunt her pins, and she has every right to do so. Angelina’s make up was flawless and her hair looks amazing. But I am not a fan of this Atelier Versace gown at all, I mean it is black velvet- what is so special about that? To me, there was absolutely nothing about the outfit. And the posing to flaunt the leg was so contrite and felt a bit like “look at me”, she really didn’t need to do that. I mean when she was presenting the awards, she was so fake and posey!

Source: Getty Images

I love Viola Davis, and she looks absolutely lovely but I am not a fan of her gown. I actually loved the color of the Vera Wang gown, I just don’t love the neckline. It looks like they ran out of fabric. It’s a pity too, Viola had a perfect run through the award season!

Source: Getty Images

Shailene Woodley was awesome in the movie Descendants, and I was so excited to see her at the Oscars. She is so young that she could have gotten away with anything but I was disappointed to see her in this dull and drag outfit. Shailene could have done so much more with this, and the dress by Valentino would be suitable for someone much much older!

Source: Getty Images

Sandra Bullock always has fun at the red carpet, last year she was a knockout. But this white and black Marchesa gown is dull and boring, and makes her looking years older. Totally unsuitable for her image!


Now that award season is up, I have the gowns withdrawal! It is gonna be almost a year till I get to spend an evening judging gowns on stunning people and dream about of wearing something that fabulous!


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