My favorite Oscars 2012 gowns

I spent the last few weeks waiting for the most important award show of the season-the Oscars, just to see the amazing gowns and marvel. This year was such a disappointment, I am stunned to see how boring the gowns were-full of boring blacks and whites- and nothing that was too different from the rest of the award shows. And that is just wrong, you would expect that people would go all out and bring their A game, not get too safe or boring!

My favorite looks for the year: 

Source: Getty Images

Jessica Chastain was my absolute favorite look in this stunning Alexander McQueen gown. I love the color combination of black and gold, and the embroidery is exquisite! She styled herself simple, and let the dress shine! Absolutely amazing!

Source: Splash

Penelope Cruz looked amazing in this periwinkle gown by Giorgio Armani. She dressed the graceful dress with fantastic accessories, looking graceful and timeless- perfect look for Oscars!

Source: Getty Images

I loved Merly Streep’s dress! Wearing this golden Lanvin gown, she looked like a winner (and won the Oscar too!)

Michelle Williams looked so adorable in this beautiful red Louis Vuitton dress! It wasn’t exactly out of the ordinary, but it really suited her.

Source: Getty Images

Even though Stacy Keibler wasn’t really a star before George Clooney (I am so jealous about her!), she looked fabulous in this Marchesa gown. Perfect fit as the proud girlfriend of an Oscar nominee!


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