Childhood memories–Holi!

When do you miss home most? There are many times I miss my home–I miss it most when it is festival time, and Holi is the funnest Indian festival, and it makes me long for being back in India. It is the spring festival, full of colors, water and fun memories.

I remember growing up we used to live in a colony, and there were lots of kids. We used to get so excited in anticipation, and we would start getting ready days in advance– fill water balloons, plan attack strategies. We would even start throwing the balloons days in advance! On the day of Holi, we would start going to people’s houses, smear colors on them, throw water balloons and shoot from water pistols, play loud and festive songs and dance around! The colony would order samosas, pakoras and other delicious dishes, and the adults indulge on drinks and bhaang (something I have never really tried)!  After a day full of fun adventures, you spend most of the afternoon trying to get the colors off! Oh, the joy of childhood memories!

I know the festival has lost some of its luster, especially with the onset of synthetic colors and reports of attacks. I was talking to a few of my friends in India, and they aren’t really excited about it; that makes no sense to me especially when I miss being a part of Holi. Innocent people walking on streets are often victims of water balloons, eggs and tomatoes. Some people play too aggressive and the whole experience gets too nasty. I just wish people respected the sanctity of the festival, and don’t end up making people lose interest in the festival all together.

Please save Holi! Keep the fun and frolic alive, let’s stick to natural colors and water!


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