How has blogging impacted me?

Blogging has been a large part of my life for the past 2 years and I was wondering how much it impacts my life. This is a list of some big things I could come up:

Blog stats– I wake up, and one of the first things I do is to check my stats. A day without any hits makes me doubt whether if I can write at all, and a day with many hits really does make my day! I keep trying to plot more and more ways to get people to visit my blog. And if all else fails, get your family to click! 🙂

Network of bloggers– One of the things I love is how people comment and like post. There is no such feeling as the sense of validation that someone you don’t know or didn’t pay likes a piece that you wrote!

Interest areas– I always loved fashion and travel, but I never really thought about blogging about it. But as I started enjoying blogging for being more than a diary, I started paying more and more attention to details. I watched the red carpet of shows, and jotted down notes on my favorite outfits. I have started taking pictures while I traveled, but I would like to start taking more notes so I can write a better travelogue.

Freshly Pressed– I probably spend more time on Freshly Pressed than at most newspapers. It really offers so many subjects-the stories range from travel to food recipes to random stories. It goes without saying that my aim would be to be Freshly Pressed someday!

Inspiration– There are many days with I think of my daily mundane issues and get all worked up, but I somehow stumble upon a blog about stories of real strength-of overcoming adversity and hard times, written with some much positivism, and you end feeling so stupid. I have read some brilliant blogs with simple tips to deal with issues at work or marriage.

Writing– When I started writing, it used to be a diary. I poured my thoughts without really thinking about whether anyone would really read it. Problem with that- you end up sounding like a freak show! Although I write about a whole host of things, lately I have tried to take more effort to think about what I would like to write about it and how to structure it. Although the blog is my passion, this attempt to write with structure has helped me immensely at work too!

My dream vacation list– WordPress is how I got my dream vacation list. I love scanning pictures of holidays and reading about different holiday experiences inspires you to try the same too! One thing I used to hate is to go to touristy places, but with wordpress you can hear about the smaller, off the beaten path choices of places to visit.

How has blogging changed you?


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