California Loving…

Every time I go to California, I start planning my move! Don’t get me wrong, New York is awesome, but I am struck by how beautiful California is- it has mountains, coasts, beaches, and the most stunning flowers (my favorite obsession).

We drove to Monterey and Big Sur, and I wanted to capture the stunning visuals as much as possible- but it is really tough to get a slice of how magnificent it really is!

Here are my favorite pictures from the unforgettable trip!

Monterey Heaven- This is my favorite picture of the 17 mile drive!

Blue skies, blue ocean, green plains

My dear orchid!

Flowers by the beach

More flowers by the beach

Isn’t this beautiful?

Beautiful restaurant Nepenthe at Big Sur

Nature at its best

My favorite flowers!

My brother’s backyard- Some of the reasons why I want to move to California

Magic tap?

PS: I love Instragram, all these pictures are the brilliant work of Instagram!


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