Olympics 2012 Opening Ceremony- my favorite 5 moments

1) Mr.Bond and the Queen- Need I say more? Fiction+ reality in its most fabulous way! In her jubilee year, the queen highlights her sense of humor in a hilarious clip which ended with the queen making a grand entrance in what looks like a parachute!

2) Lighting of the Olympic cauldron- The ceremonial flame, which was lit by 7 unknown athletes, then triggered the 204 copper petals carried in from the countries in the world and then eventually becoming 1 big flame-the flame of unity was the highlight of the night. The flame is hugely symbolic for Olympics, and this was a unique way of depicting it.

3) Fireworks- OMG! The fireworks display was absolutely incredible! Following the incredible opening ceremony in 2008 was a daunting task, but the fireworks in London showed they have something spectacular to offer! The aerial view of the stadium with the fireworks was absolutely beautiful!

4) The Independent athletes- No country, no problem. The three athletes from the former country of Netherlands Antilles were absolutely enthralling as they made their way dancing and enjoying every moment!

5) ‘This is for everyone’ sketch- It may have no impressed everyone, but the plot of moving from an agrarian world to the birth place of the industrial revolution was a moving story line and it was shown very artistically. The change of landscape from lush green countryside to factories was fantastic!


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