Facebook Friend Types

After 5 years on Facebook, I was thinking about how of my friends list, there are some typical behavioral patterns on Facebook. There are some active users, some relatively inactive- but with the active users, there are some trends you could immediately recognize. Once I started thinking, I could identify 5 types (thank you some ecards and your ecards for capturing my emotions so well!):

The “I post a picture every meal”

Somehow some of my friends think I am interested in knowing hat they eat everyday for lunch, dinner and dessert. And there is always the title to the picture, ‘Delicious’, ‘Decadent’, or ‘Need to go to gym tomorrow’. Good for you, but on a day I haven’t gotten to dinner, do I really need to see a picture of food and feel hungrier?

The “I like every message ever”

Doesn’t it feel creepy to have a friend ‘like’ not just every picture, status update that you put up, but also your other conversations with other friends. It is particularly funnier when they don’t get the conversation but try hard to understand what you and your friend are chatting about.

The “I like to rant about my life- breakups, how lonely I am”

I get that break-ups are hard, but to over-share that with the world just seems needy- I feel like people often do it so someone will ask them what happened, and they can vent. I would rather call a friend and discuss it one to one, than put status messages to show how lonely you feel or how angry you are with the world.

The pregnancy and baby over-sharer

I am happy when my friends get married or are pregnant, but there is such a thing as too much information. One of my friends keeps putting weekly pictures of her developing body following her pregnancy and puts up her ultrasound pictures, puts up all her cravings and shopping for her upcoming baby- it’s all a bit too much information and she hasn’t had her baby yet. I can only imagine how many baby pictures my news feed will be bombarded with- I hear Facebook has a button to hide such news feed, I am actually excited to hear about that button! I love to share your joy, but at some point it feels like its far too much information!!

The game requests addict

You send me a request for Farmville-I block it, you reply with Castleville-I dodge that, you send Cityville-I get mad but I dodge that too, and then you send me Birthday Calendar- I GIVE UP! Almost like a constant reminder that you don’t have a life, you keep sending me more and more requests. If I want to play any of the villes, I will find a link and do it- your requests won’t influence me!

Are there any other friend types you can think of?


8 comments on “Facebook Friend Types

    • I usually don’t mind pictures of food- just makes me hungry.
      It only bothers me on days when I am stuck in meetings with no food.

      Thanks for commenting!

  1. ugh..the baby ones…maybe I’m ultra sensitive because we were trying and lost one, but sheesh. Announce it PLEASE, and give occasional updates, but I actually don’t need to know everytime the baby kicks or something.

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