One month and 5 pounds later…

October was my mission month- I wanted to get in shape, so I cut out junk, ate healthy, and worked out in the gym. The mission had some success- I lost 5 pounds, and in an effort to document the journey, I found some rather interesting findings:

  • The skinny b*@#h diet– I don’t know about you, but I struggled to wake up and get my butt to the gym. It takes a lot to get me there, and when I am there I am counting down the minutes. As I sweat, struggle and power through, I stare at the timer on my elliptical and I wait for it to hit an hour. At the point I look over, and there are these skinny, perfect figured women with perfect make-up and hair who make it look like working out is as easy as a walk in the park. And to make my humiliation complete, they keep going and going. Just as I think I should hit snooze, I see these girls and it motivates me to push further for another 15 minutes- peer pressure at its best!
  • Why I don’t order nachos anymore?– One afternoon when I was at a waiting room, I ended up watching the show Dr.Oz show- he gave an eye opening talk about how to eat right at a restaurant. He explained that at a Mexican restaurant, as we scan the menu trying to decide which  appetizer or entree to get and munch on the free nachos, we are adding 500 calories. And the margarita adds another 150-200 calories. And then there is the actual appetizer, entree and eventually dessert. It was something I never really thought about- and once I read it I realized the bread at an Italian restaurant also adds to my unwanted calories. If I am pigging out, I would rather spend the calories on the dishes I actually want!
  • Salad is my new best friend– The word “salad” was never my favorite- all my fitness conscious friends always ordered it and I would think why the dry salad when you could have so many better dishes. But I guess salads are an acquired taste- I hate the ones full of greens. I need to mix them up, add tomatoes, cucumber, corn, anything to make it more interesting. My husband convinced my dressing is not the way to go- but I have realized if I am having something 100% healthy, and I add a bit of dressing to make it more enjoyable, then it’s not the worst idea!
  • Coffee calories?– I am a coffee addict; it makes my long boring work days tolerable. So I used to think multiple cups of coffee don’t affect my weight loss goals. After all, didn’t caffeine kick start metabolism? My husband made me realize that along with the caffeine came the milk and sugar- that add to the calories- so really a coffee cup becomes 150-200 calories. And trust me, once you realize it takes 15-20 minutes to lose 200 calories, you really start re-evaluating each cup of coffee!!
  • Sugar=evil!– I have always thought that fried=bad, so I always tried to cut down on oily food in an effort to eat healthy. But I do have a serious sweet tooth, so everything from coffee to tea, to cakes and chocolate are all my weaknesses. Every now and then, on a bad day, I enjoy a cake/chocolate to make my day better. I try to cut down on the occasional cake/chocolate, but I never really added my coffees and teas sugar intake. So it took a lot of will power to finally say NO to sugar (well not completely, but definitely a smaller proportion)!

What are your fitness tips/discoveries?


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