The surgery diaries- 1

After a long hiatus, I am finally writing again- but beware this is a bit of a rant- or rather my attempt to convert my pain to humor!

If you recall, I had a rant about my ankle troubles. So in an attempt to solve them once and for all, I had ankle surgery 3 weeks ago. I had 2 never-ending weeks of non-weight bearing cast that weighed almost 10-15 pounds. But at  3.5 weeks, I am finally in a partially weight bearing cast, I got used to limping around in crutches. I was getting confident to go out after a few trips- I was buzzing with a lot more positive energy! So on a glorious spring day, I decided to head out for dinner at a friend’s house. But I was at possibly the most crowded corner in NYC-Herald Square and was hoping to find a cab to go to my friend’s house. I was prepared for some wait as it was evening time and there were hundreds of people on the street.

But after an hour of wait here are some of my realizations:
Good ideas are often not practical– I thought subways are busy over the weekend so I thought I am smart in choosing to get a cab instead. Finding a cab on a Saturday evening is a nightmare.
You forget your limitations-In crutches, you cannot run around behind a free cab. I realized now how limiting that can be!
People don’t look when they walk– three times today people nearly stamped my cast. I waited by a pillar while my husband looked for a cab, but every time I hobbled anywhere people crashed on to me.
It’s a ‘dog-eat-dog world‘-When it comes to stealing cabs, no one feels sorry for someone in crutches! Once someone ran up in front of me and got the cab.
Moodiness, the friend that follows such days– In such stressful times, you become irritated and fussy with the one person who is helping you- in my case, my husband!
– Lastly, the most obvious realization-consequences of the adventure– once you stand 1 hour with crutches, your non-operated leg will hurt possibly more than the operated one. Also, your hands will be swollen from the pressure of standing.

As I sit on my couch, elevating my leg and taking painkillers, I can’t help but blame shows like Sex and the City for giving unrealistic ideas on how easy getting a cab could be.

Today ends with pain but tomorrow will hopefully be a better day!


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